PfPJSOC students form the Nordic Battalion Headquarters

The course is at its final stage. A Command Post Exercise (CPX) is ongoing and the students are divided into branches forming a Nordic Battalion, NordBn.

Students planning in the S3 branch Photo: Vladimir Artyukh/Scanpix
Betaland scenario map
Betaland scenario map Photo: Vladimir Artyukh/Scanpix
Betaland scenario map Photo: Vladimir Artyukh/Scanpix

The PSOIB, Peace Support Operation in Betaland is an ongoing mission based on a UN resolution. According to this fictitious scenario, the multinational peace support forces have now arrived to Betaland and started their mission.

NordBn is a part of a Multinational Brigade (MNB), which Area of Responsibility (AOR) is located in central Betaland. NordBn is consisting companies from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark and has its own AOR in the western part of MNB. The island is divided into two parts; the federation of Betaland in the north and the free South Beets in the southern part.

The local population is getting ready and are getting registered for the upcoming elections. The PSOIB is there to assist the international community in their tasks by providing a safe and secure environment for the other actors. The mutual goal in this process is to achieve the desired end state which is; “A secure environment adequate for the continued consolidation of the peace without further need for PSO-led military forces in BETALAND”. Such a situation is most likely to be reached when civil structures are established and sufficiently mature to enable them to assume responsibilities to ensure compliance with the GFAP (the Stockholm Peace Agreement) and conditions have been established for a safe continuation of nation-building activities.

Nevertheless, the main emphasis of the Command Post Exercise is to practice the staff procedures, visualise different tempo and need for co-operation between branches and to give a possibility to train procedures without the pressure of risking a failure. All the staff work is done with the Nato Guidelines for Operational Planning (GOP) as a backbone.