World Championships inaugurated

The World Military Shooting Championships have now been inaugurated. “It is a great honour for the Armed Forces and the Norrbotten Regiment to welcome you all to Boden and the 43rd World Military Shooting Championships,” said Sweden's Supreme Commander, General Håkan Syrén in his inauguration address.

The participants march into Boden Arena for the inauguration ceremony. Photo: Mats Engfors/PIC WMSC 2008
Supreme Commander Håkan Syrén inaugurated the World Military Shooting Championships in Boden on Monday evening. Photo: Mats Engfors/PIC WMSC 2008

In this year’s World Military Shooting Championships, there are several events both for individuals and teams. The events include 300 m standard rifle, 50 m short range rifle and pistol shooting. The championships this year have attracted over 500 contestants and leaders from 44 countries worldwide.

The inauguration ceremony which took place on Monday evening in the newly built multi-arena, Boden Arena, was an elegant and well organised function which in addition to the inauguration speech by the Supreme Commander also featured a performance by the Sámi artist Yana Mangi. The highest ranking of the representatives from CISM, Major-General Doug Langton and the County Governor of Norrbotten Per-Ola Eriksson, also spoke.

The music of the Life Guards’ Dragoon Music Corps was highly professionally performed for the enthusiastic audience.