The Red Cross – warmth in the autumn chill

Some people are not aiming at targets during this week’s World Military Shooting Championships. Gerda Henriksson and Susanne Isaksson from the Red Cross are aiming to help the participants, leaders and spectators.”We have had a steady stream of participants wanting help with everything from medication to warm clothing,” says Gerda Henriksson.

Susanne Isaksson and Gerda Henriksson see to a case of throat trouble. Photo: Stefan Bokvist, PIC WMSC 2008.

During the week, four people from the Red Cross have been on hand at the two shooting ranges at Rödberget.
”We have two mustering points for first aid where we can treat minor injuries in heated tents and for example carry out massage,” says Susanne Isaksson.
For medication, the Armed Forces medical service nurses are in place: naturally, the organisation has a doctor when needed.

”We’ve met so many interesting people during the week who have needed our help, as well as those who just looked in for a chat,” say Gerda and Susanne, who have enjoyed helping out for a week.

Some participants come from nations with no experience of the north Swedish cold. Naturally, they had no sufficiently warm clothing.
”We needed to quickly get hold of some warm knitted sweaters and woollen mittens, and they have been put to good use this week,” concludes Susanne Isaksson.