Integration is the key to success

SWEDINT conducts the United Nations Staff Officers Course two times a year. The second course, UNSOC 2/08 started Monday the Sept 15. It is a three week course, integrated with the United Nations Police Commander Course and the United Nations Civilian Staff Officers course.

Participants at the UNSOC course 2008. Photo: Frank Snarf / Försvarsmakten

The UNSOC course this time includes students from fourteen different countries, besides students from Denmark, Norway and Sweden also students from Cameroon, France, Germany, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Netherlands, Nigeria, Qatar, Singapore, Slovakia and Ukraine.

The UNSOC overall purpose is to prepare nationally trained staff officers for assignments in the UN or other multinational HQs or in national contingents conducting Peacekeeping Operations (PKO), predominately on Brigade/Sector or Division/Force Head Quarters level. The student’s ranks are from captain to lieutenant colonel.

During the three weeks the students will have a lot of lectures and syndicate work mixed with. Integration with the UN civilian staff and the UN police force in a fictitious scenario, called “Bogaland”, is the key to success.