Estonia’s Anzela on top

It was Anzela Voronova from Estonia who ended up with the gold medal in the women’s individual 50-metre rifle prone. Anzela scored 595 points out of a possible 600. “In every competition I aim for first place. I didn’t think I would make it today, but it went well,” said the happy winner.

Anzela Voronova, a pleased winner from Estonia, who after today’s doping test was going to test shoot and gear up for the next day’s events. Photo: Mats Engfors, PIC WMSC 2008

Conditions at Rödberget Shooting Centre were not ideal. The autumn chill and blustery conditions made it difficult for the competitors and meant that some of the favourites finished well down in the results.

In today’s contest, the competitors were to fire 60 rounds including sighting rounds in an hour and a quarter in prone position. It is interesting to note in this context that the centre bull’s eye located at 50 metres from the shooter is no larger than one centimetre.

The best of the Swedish girls was Christina Bengtsson who finished in 11th place on 587 points. Linda Olofsson and Anna Normann finished in 17th and 20th place respectively, both on 584 points.

The competition ended with a materiel check and doping test of the medallists plus one or two competitors chosen at random. For the others, the next thing to do was to reload for tomorrow’s events.