Improved management and control

The Swedish Government has called on the Swedish Armed Forces to improve and guarantee internal management and control.

In mid May, the Swedish National Financial Management Authority presented a report to the government with proposed measure to improve and guarantee management and control within the Swedish Armed Forces. These proposals now form the basis for the government's call to the Swedish Armed Forces, who should perform this work the support of the Swedish National Financial Management Authority.

The points to be addressed by the Swedish Armed Forces should include the following:

  • clarify lines of responsibility for senior officials, and in particular to analyse the role of the director general, 
  • develop planning and progress report processes, 
  • review governing documents, 
  • review the need for organisational changes at Headquarters,
  • ensure the availability of financial expertise in key functions.

This commission is dated 26 June 2008 and is to be completed in its entirety by 31 August 2009.