Continuing delays in delivery of helicopters

The Nordic Battlegroup now has access to four HKP 4 helicopters. The second type of helicopter with which the Nordic Battlegroup is to be equipped has, however, still not been delivered.

The Nordic Battlegroup now has access to four HKP 4 helicopters. Photo: Lena Holmgren

"We take a serious view of these prolonged delays", says Rear Admiral Leif Nylander at Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters.
The Nordic Battlegroup’s helicopter unit consists of seven medium/heavy lift helicopters, three HKP 10 Super Pumas and four HKP 4 Vertol helicopters. After some delay, the modified HKP 4 helicopters, equipped with ballistic armour and a heavy machine gun installation, have now been delivered to the Swedish Armed Forces. The helicopters are now suitably equipped for international missions.

Comprehensive delays
The three HKP 10 helicopters, which are to be specially fitted with medical care facilities, are still suffering comprehensive delays. The modifications have taken substantially longer than expected and problems have been encountered at the manufacturers. At the present time there is no firm plan as to when these helicopters can be delivered.

"Even if they cannot be provided for the Nordic Battlegroup, we are very anxious to have these helicopters delivered. The idea is that they could be used subsequently as medical helicopters in connection with our operations in Afghanistan", says Leif Nylander, Head of Materiel Production for the Swedish Armed Forces.

Lessons learned
This experience will help us to avoid similar problems in future procurements.
"There are many lessons to be learned from this long drawn-out process and the delays involved, both for us and for the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration", says Leif Nylander.