"We have carried out a full scale test"

We have carried out a full scale test and moved 2800 persons, including equipment from five nations, to the north of Sweden. There, we have conducted a challenging exercise and I am proud to say that Nordic Battlegroup solved its tasks.

Force Commander Karl Engelbrektson and Supreme Commander Håkan Syrén Photo: David Gernes/Combat Camera

"The unit is ready", said the Swedish Supreme Commander, General Håkan Syrén, at a press conference Friday morning.
Attending was also the Force Commander for the Nordic Battlegroup, Brigader General Karl Engelbrektson, and Director of Operations, Major General Anders Lindström. Karl Engelbrektson underlined that the Nordic Battlegroup now works as a unit and pointed out that the soldiers and the equipment come from almost 30 different regiments and other units in five different countries. Now they have exercised together and solved tasks together and I am very pleased with the competence and determination the staff is showing.
During the press conference both the Supreme Commander and the Force Commander took questions regarding the lack of equipment and the soldiers' confidence in the unit's capacity. Both agreed that the equipment now is being provided in an accelerating pace, and that the exercise has shown that the unit can solve its tasks and that the confidence in its own capacity has increased. Karl Engelbrektson said that the soldiers have seen that they can solve their tasks together with units from other nations. This has increased their confidence.