A final check

Since the summer, evaluation has been going on of different parts of the Nordic Battlegroup, NBG. Currently, during the final exercise, the final check is taking place.- We are evaluating all the units in NBG to see whether they have the right abilities and can function together with other nations in a possible intervention, says Gustaf Olsson, head of the evaluation group.

The final evaluation of NBG is taking place during the final exercise. Photo: Roger Larsson

The work is done by 60 evaluators from the nations that are included in the Nordic Battlegroup. With them they also have five NATO observers who, as it is termed, are validating the NBG units. Most of the personnel are from Sweden, however.
The work process involves following up about 100 different stages, materiel or parts. Certified evaluators go through verbal interviews, written details and observations at all times of day.
- Evaluating units is nothing new - we have always done it. The difference is that today we use a better analytical instrument and the method is more systematic than in the past, says Gustaf Olsson.

When the exercise is over, all the units in NBG will go through this evaluation. All the information will be analysed with the help of the analytical instrument to be compiled as a report, which then forms the basis for the final certification of units.
- It is important to evaluate to see what capability the NBG has and to see what can be improved, says Gustaf Olsson.

There are four different assessments of units:

  • Interoperable
  • Partially interoperable
  • Not interoperable
  • Not evaluated

All this is based on a NATO concept called OCC, meaning Operational Capabilities Concept.

Stefan Bokvist, PIC, Nordic Resolution 2007