The overall purpose of NATO LL SOC is to enable Lessons Learned Staff Officers to manage and execute an organisational LL process using NATO LL related processes, training, tools and information sharing. Participants will also be able to impart knowledge on organisational learning, observation collection, basic analysis techniques as well as endorsing, resourcing, tasking and implementing Lessons Identified.

Target audience

Personnel posted to NATO LL billets within NATO Commands as well as personnel from NATO member nations and partner nations.

Lerning Objectives

  • Given the relevant course documents, explain the basics of knowledge management and organisational Learning.
  • Given the relevant course documentation, explain the role of LL, innovation theory and the use of scenarios within the LL capability.
  • Given the relevant course documentation, explain the NATO LL capability with emphasis on the LL process and supporting elements.
  • Given the relevant course documentation apply the NATO LL Process using the principles, examples, tools, techniques and applications of the NATO LL capabilities.
  • Given the relevant course documentation, describe the LLCapability Support Elements across DOTMLPF-I.1



LL SOC is a one week course consisting of lectures, seminars and syndicate work/discussions related to general lessons learned processes and NATO specific LL processes, tools and methods.


  • NATO Lessons Learned Policy, 01 September 2011.
  • Bi-SC Directive 80-6, Lessons Learned, 10 July 2013.
  • Joint Analysis Handbook, 3rd  edition, October 2007.
  • NATO LL Handbook, 2nd edition, September 2011.

Student assessment

The participants are required to take part in all seminars, lectures and syndicate work. Students actively participating in all aspects of the course will be recognized as "Successfully completed".  In all other cases the grade "Participated" will be issued. A course certificate will be presented at the end of the course.

"Take active part" means asking questions, presenting a stand point in debates and showing a willingness to explain it to fellow students and instructors.

1) Combination of doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel and facilities (DOTMLPF)

NATO LL SOC:   7 - 11 November 2016

NATO LL SOC:  6 - 10 March 2017
NATO LL SOC:  29 May - 2 June 2017
NATO LL SOC:  6 - 10 November 2017

EAPC ref no: ACT.318


6 - 10 March 2017
29 May - 2 June 2017
6 - 10 November 2017