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The Swedish Armed Forces

We defend Sweden and the country´s interests, our freedom and the right to live the way of our choice.

Photo: Försvarsmakten

Två av Sjötransportenhetens båtar.

The Swedish Armed Forces is a body subject to the Swedish Parliament and government. It is headed by the Supreme Commander who leads and supervises the Armed Forces through Armed Forces Headquarters.

Latest news

Multi-faceted combat training facility gives better results

Multi-faceted combat training facility gives better results

19 June201610:01

Let's face it, military life is something special. Working as an officer, soldier or sailor is a very serious profession, where ultimately you hold your own and others' lives in your hands. When it comes to the crunch, many people count on doing the right thing and solving the task. Training and practising over and over again to be as good as is humanly possible is a necessity. But exactly how do you do that?

Integrated Approach Key

Integrated Approach Key

1 June201607:45

In the context of United Nations peacekeeping operations, the protection of civilians is a core task. Even though the protection of civilians primarily is the responsibility of the host government, the Security Council will often mandate peacekeeping operations to protect civilians by all necessary means. At SWEDINT/NCGM the integrated approach is seen as key to successful peacekeeping. When civilians, police and the military train together, the result will be a better, more successful, peacekeeping operation.

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Swedish Armed Forces

Where are we and what do we do now? What are the Armed Forces' tasks from parliament and government and how we work to resolve them? Here are facts about the government's finances, procurement and vehicles.

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From the individual soldier to the government's senior representatives, read personal reflections about life in the Swedish Armed Forces in any of our blogs. (In Swedish)

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