OPSEM 19 will be held at SWEDINT, located at the Lifeguards Regiment in Kungsängen, Sweden.

OPSEM is an arena where experienced, long term horizon (J5), operations planners and teachers centered on the Nordic countries can network, discuss and enhance own knowledge of NATO OPP on the Military Strategic and Operational Level.

Please fill in the registration form and submit it to swedint@mil.se NLT April 25, 2019.

A welcome letter to admitted seminar participants will be sent by e-mail by the end of April.

As we are still waiting for final confirmations from key speakers, there is a delay in posting the schedule. For your travel arrangements: OPSEM will start on Tuesday 21 May at 0800 and end NLT 1440 on 22 May. A final draft of the schedule will be made available on Monday 29 May. We apologise for the inconvenience.