The NATO/Partnership Joint Synchronisation Workshop will be held at SWEDINT, located at the Lifeguards Regiment in Kungsängen outside Stockholm, Sweden 24-26 April, 2019 (2.5 days). For international participants, April 23 will be travel day.

Lessons Identified from Swedish national and NATO exercises have highlighted joint synchronisation as a challenge at the operational level.  These include the integration of lethal and non-lethal effects; the role of Components as a Supported Commander to provide Objectives and Guidance to Supporting Commanders; integrating cyber and space as new domains; JTF HQs looking sufficiently far ahead so that their “current fight” is shaping the Components “future fight”; the linkage between Centre of Gravity analysis, Operational Effects and Assessment Measures of Performance and Effectiveness to synchronisation activities; and the role of  the Joint Coordination Board/Battle Rhythm process to provide decision superiority to the Joint Commander.

As a NATO-accredited Partner Training and Education Centre (PTEC), Swedish Armed Forces International Centre (SWEDINT) has developed a programme for a second workshop as part of its spiral development of a fully-accredited NATO course to address this synchronisation gap after an initial workshop in September 2018 provided encouragement to develop this further. The second workshop will last 2.5 days.