Dear Student at UNTAC 2019

I am pleased to welcome you to the United Nations Tactical Course (UNTAC) 2019, to be conducted 14-25 October. My experienced and committed staff and I are looking forward to seeing you here at the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre (SWEDINT). The overall aim of our two week course is to develop and improve your practical skills with an emphasis on United Nations peacekeeping operations (PKO) techniques.

 UNTAC will be held at the Life Guards Regiment located in Kungsängen, 40 km northwest of the Swedish capital of Stockholm, where SWEDINT is located. Participants are expected to arrive and report to the Course Administrative Office not later than 12.00 hrs on 14 October.

 I am sure you are fully aware that the official language throughout the course is English – in classes/lectures, exercises and during our social events. You must be able to communicate in English. I therefore strongly urge you to start brushing up your English before the course starts. To get you started, SWEDINT will soon send you the English for UN Military Peacekeepers handbook. It is a practical training resource aimed at teaching UN Military Peacekeepers English language to increase interoperability and build relations on UN peacekeeping missions overseas. Please, bring the book to Sweden. The UNTAC will, as you understand, also be an intensive language session to be considered as an extra bonus.

 Participants are encouraged to conduct an Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) session before the course begins. Please take a moment and visit the Peace Operations Training Institute website. SWEDINT encourages you to study parts of the free online course “Principles and Guidelines for UN Peacekeeping Operations, Chapter 3 – The Basic Principles of United Nations Peacekeeping.”

 Within the UNTAC, we have a tradition of hosting a “student´s national briefing”. I invite you all to prepare a 5-7-minutes presentation of your own country. The presentation will be held in the end of the first week. If you have any fellow national student(s) participating in this course, please prepare a joint brief.

 A battle dress uniform is required during the course. I recommend you to check the weather forecasts for Stockholm before you leave your country and adapt your luggage accordingly. In October you can expect wind and rain with temperatures ranging from +4 to +10 °C.  Please bring your physical training kit (indoors or/and outdoors) and civilian clothing for off-duty hours and our welfare activities which will be conducted in Stockholm on Saturday and Sunday. No formal civilian dress is required.

 I am looking forward to welcome you to UNTAC 2019!

 Yours sincerely,

Course Director UNTAC



Welcome to UNTAC

Course Director:  Maj Rune Nilsson
Course Admin: Ms Camilla Ekenberg
Course Adjutant: Lt Ronny Lindqvist