Dear Participant at UNCIVSOC 2019

I congratulate you on being selected to participate in the United Nations Civilian Staff Officers Course (UNCIVSOC). I can assure you that a well-prepared and devoted team of teachers and mentors with international experience is looking forward to welcoming you to the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre (SWEDINT).

 In order to gain maximum benefit from the course, which requires each participant to solely focus on the course work tasks, we strongly recommend that you do not come with the attention of working on any work assignments brought with you from your job. As you will have already understood, the official course language is English, which requires good written and oral skills in the language.

 During the course, there will be an interactive exercise between the UNCIVSOC and the UN Staff Officers Course (UNSOC). This is extremely valuable and enables a greater understanding of the complexities involved in operating within a modern UN integrated mission.

 Please read the pre-course documentation carefully. I recommend in particular the “Read Ahead Package” (RAP) that consists of two PDF-files with basic knowledge/ information about our course scenario. The course contents are based on the information given in the attached documents, which will give you a basic understanding of the conflict to be handled during the course. I would also like you to prepare a short briefing (maximum 1-5 min) about yourself, your normal work and the organization you represent.

 In order for you to get maximum benefit from the course, we expect you not only to take an active part in the lessons, but also to socialize with other students after “work for the day” is completed. We have found from previous experience that this is also an invaluable opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences, which promotes a greater understanding of what may be accomplished outside what is taught during class time and practical exercises.

 There will be a weekend program planned for Saturday. These arrangements are part of the course as well, and you are expected to participate on this as well.

 I hope that UNCIVSOC will provide you with a good insight into what may be expected of you in a modern Peacekeeping Operation, and that it will help prepare you for managing any complex and unexpected situations that may arise while you are on mission.

 Finally, if you need a VISA, please apply as soon as possible to be sure that this issue will not be an obstacle preventing you from joining us. I am looking forward to meeting you in person and to welcoming you to SWEDINT and the UNCIVSOC 2018.

 Yours sincerely

Ann-Charlotte Lyman
Course Director

Welcome to UNCIVSOC

Course Director:  Lt Ann-Charlotte Lyman
Course Admin: Ms Camilla Ekenberg
Course Adjutant: Lt Richard Guvenius