Dear Participant

As the NATO Land Tactical Planning Course(NLTPC) Director I want to congratulate you on being selected for the 2021 pilot course. A well prepared and experienced team of planners and subject matter experts (SMEs) from Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (UK) are looking forward to meeting you at the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre (SWEDINT). We are located at the Life Guards Regiment in Kungsängen, 30 km north-west of Stockholm.

This demanding and dynamic ten-day course simulates a tactical-level planning group moving through the NATO Tactical Planning Process for Land Forces (APP-28). The curriculum comprises of multiple short lectures, followed by practical exercises and back-briefs in syndicates (40% - 60%). The course includes formal briefs to a senior mentor who performs the role of a tactical commander.

APP-28 and a draft schedule is available on the webpage. Please familiarise yourself with it prior the course.

Dress code for the course is BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) and the dress code for the Thursday night closing dinner is jacket and tie. There will be a cultural visit to Stockholm on Saturday and, if the Covid situation permits, you will be accommodated in Stockholm one night, Saturday to Sunday.

Right now, we have an increased spread of Covid 19 in Sweden, therefore we have made a risk assessment, including risk reducing measures, such as Covid 19 test of all students and instructors in the first day of the course and separating the course from the rest of SWEDINT and other units at the Life Guards. Also, you will be accommodated in a conference venue in a rural area, 10 minutes’ bus drive from the regiment. We will continue to update you, based on the dynamic situation.

Welcome to the NATO Land Tactical Planning Course.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Almström
NATO NLTPC, Course Director