Dear Participant in the NATO Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course,

I can assure you that a well prepared and devoted team of instructors with international experience is looking forward to welcome every one of you to the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre, SWEDINT.

The course is intended to prepare staff officers, with no previous LL training or experience, to manage a LL capability for a NATO command. It will also provide staff officers involved with national LL capabilities the tools with which to enhance their national LL programs. Although the course does provide an introduction to LL related analysis, it is not an analyst course.

The course requires your full attention. Do not bring your regular duties with you. As you already have figured out, the official language will be English. You must be able to communicate in English both verbally and in writing.

The course takes off from the information given in the attached documents. Please read through the article “Into thin air” carefully as this will be used during the syndicate work. There is also an online LLOPR-course which is available for you to take prior to the course.

Register for the online course:

Information about LLSOC and JALLC:

Dress code for the course is BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) or working dress and the dress code for the Thursday night dinner is jacket and tie. You also have great possibilities for training at the Lifeguards Regiment, do not forget your training gear but please note that you have to wear specific indoor shoes in the gymnasium and another set of shoes outdoors. There will be a cultural visit to Stockholm on Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Welcome to the NATO Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course.

Yours sincerely,

LtCol Paulo Rodrigues Dias
NATO LLSOC Course Director



Welcome to NATO LL SOC

Course Director: LtCol Paulo Rodrigues Dias
Course Admin: Ms Christine Kurzeja
Course Adjutant: CSgt Jonas Hjälte