Dear Student at GFP Course 2019

Welcome to the Gender Focal Point (GFPD) Course. We are indeed looking forward to see you here at the Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations (NCGM) which is co-located with the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre (SWEDINT).

The GFP course is very condensed and intensive both during the pre-study as well as during the residential course. For this reason, we recommend you not to bring you regular duties with you during the course. You are expected both to take an active part during the lessons and to socialize with other students. We have learnt from previous experience that the course is a great opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences and build on future network that is essential for your function as a GFP. So please share your thoughts and ideas during the course. This is the place to “test” your ideas and see if they can find resonance amongst other future and present GPFs.

The mandatory pre-study assignment is an important part of the residential course. The insights that you have gained during the pre-study week and that are manifested in the pre-study assignment will be the point of departure for the residential course. Thus, when doing the pre-study assignment, reserve enough time for yourself and preferably avoid waiting until the last week before the course to get started should you experience difficulties with access to the JADL platform or other technical challenges. If you have any questions concerning the pre-study assignment please mail your question to or ask your questions by commenting pre-study task in the top of course page.

Learning platform called It's Learning will be used before and during the course. You will get additional email with login information in it. Platform contains all reference materials and tasks required for completion of pre-study. It's Learning is accessible via Internet browser. If you want you can also upload It's Learning application to your tablet or phone. Please note that there is no internet connection (accessible by your own device) in our classrooms. You will get student laptop that has internet connection on it. In student accommodation there is wi-fi for you to use.

This time of year it can become cold in the Stockholm area, snow and even down to -20 degrees Celsius. So we advise you to bring a winter jacket and winter shoes.  So remember to take notice of the weather forecast for the residential course period.

Remember to bring your sportswear so you can enjoy indoor gym and outdoor (pending on the weather) physical training to balance all the sitting in the auditorium.

The dress code during the course is field uniform (Battle Dress Uniform) for military and civilian casual for civilian participants. During the ice-breaker the dress code is civilian casual for all.

The course will be interactive and every participant is expected to take an active part in all modules and share own experiences. You will be assessed through formative assessments during plenary and syndicate work. The course has an exam (final summative assessment) to show that you are able to identify the gender perspective and able to report in your chain of command.

A course certificate with the grades “Successfully Completed” or “Participated” will be presented by the end of the course.

Once again NCGM wants to extend a warm welcome and hope that you will benefit from the course and establish new friendships in the international environment.

Best regards,

Elena Ojala
GFP Course Director

Welcome to GFP

Course Director:  LtCdr Elena Ojala
Course Admin: Ms Ingrid Forss