Dear Student at Gender Training of Trainers (GToT) Course 2019.

It is my pleasure and a privilege to welcome you to the Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations (NCGM) and the GToT course. Working with you at this course will be me, Lt Anu Käär, our syndicate leaders from around Europe and of course also our own NCGM personnel. Our aim is to create an interesting and inspiring learning environment for you and to strengthen your competences within the gender field and training field and also to expand your network of colleagues and friends.

We are going to have 10 days together at the GToT course, starting the 29th of May. During the course you are going to learn how to successfully plan, conduct and evaluate education, training and exercises with a gender perspective, within your functional area. As you can see in the course schedule, we will take you from theory to practice and share our best practices of teaching gender to military personnel. We will also evaluate your performance with a summative assessment that will include writing or updating a lesson plan and giving a teaching skill demonstration. Please see the schedule for more details. The course will be interactive and every student is expected to take an active part in all modules and share own experiences. To make the limited time we have together the best experience for all, sharing and also listening to your fellow students is the best way to contribute to that experience.

Before the course

Before the course starts, you must to apply for NATO Joint Advanced Distributed Learning account ( This is so that we can  conduct the ADL 169 on the first course day. It usually takes up to 48 hours to get access, but due to some challenges in the history, my recommendation is that you apply for this access as early as possible, preferably already today.

During the course, we will also use an eLearning platform called “its learning”. You will receive a separate e-mail with the login details and a short guidance on how to use it. This e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you wrote in your application before the course start.

Dress code

Opening Ceremony: Battle dress / Field service uniform -  Smart Casual

Lectures: Battle dress / Field service uniform - Smart Casual

Closing Ceremony: Battle dress / Field service uniform -  Smart Casual

Closing Dinner: All “Jacket and Tie”

There is no need for “best uniform” for military personnel.

You can also bring your sportswear so you can exercise. Note that to enter our PT hall, you must have indoor shoes with you. We also have running tracks available outdoors.

The weather in Sweden in June is expected to be nice and sunny around 20-24˚ C. However the temperatures can vary, it can also be cold, windy and rainy and down to 10˚ C, so please bring some warm clothes for our outdoor activities.

I once more wish you welcome and I'm looking forward to meeting you all!

Lieutenant Anu Käär
Course Director GToT / 2019

Welcome to GToT

Course Director:  Lt Anu Käär (FIN A)
Course Admin: Ms Ingrid Forss