Pre course information


Students are lodged in single-rooms at the Student hotel which is situated within the garrison.  A preliminary reservation has been made for you at the Student hotel. After receiving the Letter of Admission, please confirm your reservation directly with the hotel at with a CC to your Course Adjutant, as soon as possible and inform them about your arrival/departure date.
Smoking is generally not allowed in any building.
Laundry machines and iron are available at the hotel as well as a common refrigerator. Sauna and a relaxation area are available in the Students’ hotel.
If you arrive during the weekend, the hotel is manned Sunday 1300-2145hrs. Arriving Saturdays and after office hours, your hotel room key card has to be picked up at the main gate.

Dress code

You are requested to bring necessary items for physical training, civilian clothes for off-duty hours, better casual (no t-shirt/no sneakers/no hooded sweatshirt) during welfare dinners, raincoat and warm clothes. Also bring your dictionary!

Working dress / Battle dress is worn during daytime.
Better casual for formal ceremonies and dinners.

Working dress / Battle dress is worn during daytime.
Service dress for formal ceremonies and dinners.
(For Swedish officers: m/87 long, white shirt, black tie, peaked cap)

Casual dress is worn during daytime.
Jacket and tie for formal ceremonies and dinners.

Working dress / Battle dress or Casual dress is worn during daytime.
Service dress for formal ceremonies, for civilians: jacket and tie.

Battle dress/ Fatigue uniform. Field jacket (equivalent).
Service dress for formal ceremonies and dinners.
(For Swedish officers: m/87 long, white shirt, black tie, peaked cap)

Weather in Sweden

Winter: from +2 to –20C (36 to -2F). Spring: between +5 and 15C (41 to 59F).
Summer: 20-30C (68 to 87F). Autumn: between +5 and 18C (41 to 64F).
Weather forecast and observations could be found at


220 Volt A/C, 50 Hz is used in Sweden.

Certificates needed

Instructors, as well as student officers, are requested to bring ID card.

Travel arrangements

Together with this information you can also download a Transport Request. If you are in need of transport to or from the airport in Sweden, please fill in the Request and fax it to SWEDINT Course Administration fax +46 8 584 526 20 or email it to your Course Adjutant.

Note: On arrival at the airport, make sure that your flight ticket is confirmed for return after the course.


For your own convenience, please bring Swedish currency (SEK). We advise you to do your foreign exchange before your departure for Sweden. At the Officer’s Mess you can pay with cards. VISA, Maestro and MasterCard are accepted.

Passport and visa

You are required to bring a valid passport to Sweden. Ensure with your national authorities that yours is valid and if necessary renewed. If necessary, please arrange for your visa to Sweden to be valid until three days after the course completion date in order to foresee any transportation delay. Do not forget to apply for a transit visa if you will make an intermediate landing. Visa forms can be downloaded from

Note: We advise you to apply for visa as soon as you have been admitted to the course!

Post, telephone and e-mail

Personal mail and parcels will be distributed by the Course Director.

There are post offices in Kungsängen, please ask at the Course Admin Office for assistance. Once the course has started you will receive a personal laptop and a personal log in which will enable you to use the computers and send e-mail.

Telephone and Address to a student participating in a course

“Your name”
“Name of the course”
Life Guards / SWEDINT
SE-196 85 Kungsängen

Phone: +46 8 584 526 22-24 or 526 32-33, +46 8 584 547 64, +46 8 584 543 04 (office hours Monday-Friday 07.30-16.00)

Fax: +46 8 584 526 20

Emergency call:

Duty officer Life Guards / SWEDINT,
Phone: +46 8 584 525 04
Fax: +46 8 584 522 72
Main gate at Life Guards / SWEDINT garrison,
Phone: +46 8 584 540 39
Fax: +46 8 584 523 30


Parking lots are available outside the Garrison. The correct address is: Livgardet, Granhammarsvägen 1, 196 92 Upplands-Bro (Lat N 59˚ 30’ 35’’, Lon E 17˚ 45’ 31’’)

For sporting activities there is a gymnasium within the garrison. There are also good jogging facilities in the surrounding area.

Within the garrison, internet can only be accessed through SWEDINT’s computers. Attending most of our courses, you will be provided with a laptop during your stay here at SWEDINT (see the specific course schedule for further information).