Dear Student at MSOC BN 2/2013

It is a pleasure and a privilege to welcome you to the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre, SWEDINT.

We are going to have these three weeks together at the NATO/Partnership Multinational Staff Officer Course Battalion (MSOC BN). During this time we are going to prepare you for possible upcoming duties in a Peace Support Operation (PSO).
The team of instructors consists of Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish officers who all possess a great experience of international cooperation. Don't hesitate to use their knowledge for your best.

During the course we are going to use a scenario based on a crisis in a fictitious nation. In the course schedule there is also added some social program which all the students are able to join. On one special evening students will enjoy the atmosphere of international cooperation. This evening will be organized by you, students.

One of the most important rules for international duty is to use one common language. Therefore you must be able to communicate in English both verbally and in writing. I strongly urge you to start brushing up your English, as a preparation for the MSOC BN. The course will also be an intensive language course as an extra bonus. As a starting point, prepare national briefing which purpose is to familiarize each nationality among students and improve the overall level of briefing technique. Each Nationality will have 10-15 minutes briefing consisting overall information, main history, main traditions and armed forces very shortly (PSO aspect).

I once more wish you welcome and hope that you will have a good learning experience. I hope you will gain a useful overall experience and make many new friends in the international environment offered to you by the staff and students of the course. Bring in your own experience, cooperate and discuss the matters so you will gain a lot in return.


Yours faithfully,

Major (FIN A)
Course Director NATO/Partnership MSOC BN