Dear Student Gender Train the Trainer Course (GA ToT) 2013

It is a pleasure and a privilege to welcome you to the Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations (NCGM) at Swedish Armed Forces International Centre, SWEDINT.

We are going to have 10 days together at the Gender train the trainer course starting next week, and during this time we are going to prepare you how to integrate a Gender Perspective in Education, Training and Exercises.
The team of instructors consists of Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish officers as well as us at NCGM, who all possess good experience of gender in military operation.

As you can see of the course schedule, we will start with the theory, such as framework and the most important directives and resolutions, for you to have the basic knowledge. Then we will show you how to analyze your training audience and then visualize different ways to preform education, training and exercises.As a student you will be asked to prepare a presentation for your own Training Audience with a Gender perspective, so I advise you to bring some old preparations to use as a base. Each student will have 10-15 minutes available for the presentation.
There are also added some social program which all the students are able to join. Be aware that it is early winter time, so bring some warm clothes both for service and spare time.

One of the most important rules for international duty is to use one common language. Therefore you must be able to communicate in English both verbally and in writing. I strongly urge you to start brushing up your English, as a preparation for the GA Tot. The course will also be an intensive language course as an extra bonus.

I once more wish you welcome and hope that you will have a good learning experience. I hope you will make many new friends in the international gender environment, offered to you by the instructors, staff and students at the course.


LtCol Grethe Stensland
Course Director