Integration is the key word to achieve success in Peace Support Operations (PSO), in training as well as in the mission area. Our focus is to be as integrated as possible in order to give our participants a feeling of the real state of the case in PSO.

This integrated concept requires the cooperation of a number of different organisations. Amongst others these include the following:

United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (UN DPKO)

The Swedish Armed Forces International Centre (SWEDINT) maintains close cooperation with the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (UN DPKO) and the Integrated Training Service (ITS) by contributing actively to the development of Standardised Training Modules (STM) for UN Peace Support Operations (PSOs).

In addition, ITS will conduct a pilot Training Recognition in 2009, in order to implement the successor of the SGTM, the “Core Pre-deployment Training Materials”.

Nordic Defence Cooperation 


NORDEFCO is the military cooperation between the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). The overall purpose of NORDEFCO is to adapt and further develop Nordic cooperation within the area of military PSO. The cooperation includes the conducting of courses and education, training and instructor and student exchange.

Folke Bernadotte Academy

The Folke Bernadotte Academy is a Swedish government agency dedicated to improving the quality and effectiveness of international conflict and crisis management, with a particular focus on peace operations.

The Academy functions as a platform for cooperation between Swedish agencies and organisations and their international partners.

The Swedish National Criminal Police

Since 2000 The Swedish National Criminal Police are responsible for Swedish Police participation in international PSO.

The Swedish National Criminal Police and the Swedish Armed Forces have a long tradition of integration, cooperation and coordination on issues related to Peace Support. This close cooperation gives us a unique opportunity to offer integrated courses and activities.

Swedish Prison and Probation Service

The Swedish Prison and Probation Service is part of a Civilian Crises Management group. Its purpose is to ensure the availability of competent correction personnel in PSO where Rule of Law is important.

United Nations Prison and Probation Officers Course (UNPriPOC) directed by the Swedish Prison and Probation Service in co-ordination with the Swedish National Criminal Police and SWEDINT is provided to enable correction personnel to function effectively in UN, EU or OSCE Peacekeeping Missions.

NATO School

The NATO School and SWEDINT have a history of cooperation within education and training of staff officers for Peace Support Operations (PSO). This cooperation has now increased by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 23 January 2009, enabling mutual development of a new course.

Partnership Training and Education Centre

Since 1999 SWEDINT is accredited by NATO as a Partnership Training and Education Centre (PTEC). The PTEC community consists of 23 PTEC’s and NATO School provides the framework overview and acts as the chair of the annual meetings. The PTEC network enhances and develops the PTEC’s achievement to fulfil NATO standards and their support to NATO strategy and policy. 

PTEC Vision

The PETECsare a Community of Education, Training and Research Partnerships promoting transparency and mutual understanding for:

  • Cooperation
  • Coordination
  • Inclusivity
  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Standardization

A global network of educational and training establishments promoting collaborative initiatives and quality instruction to enhance capacity building, interoperability and a comprehensive understanding of wider security issues.