The Swedish Air Force

The Swedish Air Force is tasked with organising and training aircraft units and base and command units and completes its tasks by means of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. These tasks include protecting Swedish airspace, conducting rescue operations, performing air transport duties and gathering intelligence.

Air Force units specialise in completing tasks in Sweden and abroad. They do this in collaboration with the Navy and the Army. Together, they protect Sweden's borders and defend the country against external threats.

Air Force units are categorised into:

Fighter Aircraft Units

Fighter aircraft units can strike against ground, air or sea targets with great precision, force and flexibility. They can also be deployed for intelligence gathering to assert Sweden's territorial integrity.

Transport Aircraft Units

Transport aircraft units undertake air transport duties and are deployed in e.g. humanitarian missions, nationally and internationally.

Signal Reconnaissance Units

Signal reconnaissance units perform electronic combat reconnaissance and intelligence gathering duties.

Radar Surveillance Units

Radar surveillance units are primarily deployed to enhance data obtained from land and seaborne sensors.

Helicopter Units

The helicopter units undertake land and sea operations and air and sea rescue services.

Base and Command Units

Base and command units primarily support and command combat aircraft units.