The Air Defense Exercise 2022 (Luftförsvarsövning 2022/LFÖ 22) will be carried out during the period 16 May to 25 May in the southern and middle parts of Sweden. The exercise will take place 24-hours a day, mainly during daytime, throughout the entire exercise period.

The units, including fighter aircrafts, helicopters and ground forces, are mainly based in Uppsala, Såtenäs, Ronneby, Kalmar and Linköping. Occasionally aviation operations will be carried out from reserve bases and airports such as Hagshult, Karlsborg, Råda, Trollhättan, Jönköping and Växjö. At the same time as the Air Defense exercise is in progress, the army is conducting their exercise Våreld.

The Air Defense Exercise aims to increase the Air Force and the ground-based air defense forces ability to national defense of Sweden. The exercise helps to build a stronger defense and increases The Armed Forces’ overall ability to meet an attack on Sweden.

The Swedish Armed Forces defend Sweden and the country’s interests, our freedom and the right to live the way of our choice. We cannot take our democracy, peace and freedom for granted. We hope for your understanding for the inconvenience this exercise may cause.

For more information about the exercise please visit (information in Swedish) or call 010-823 79 00.