Aurora 20

The Swedish Armed Forces will be running the Aurora 20 Armed Forces training exercise in May and June 2020 in order to strengthen Sweden’s military capabilities.

More than 19,000 men and women all over Sweden took part in Aurora 17. Aurora 20 will be bigger and more extensive. Photo: Bezav Mahmod/Swedish Armed Forces

Aurora 20 is a national exercise designed to build stronger defences, where the fighting services, parts of the Swedish total defence system and other countries will be enhancing their abilities to work together to deal with any attack on Sweden. This exercise is taking place all over Sweden, and Aurora 20 will be bigger, longer and more extensive than its predecessor, Aurora 17 − at the time the biggest Swedish exercise of its kind for more than 20 years.

The Army, the Navy, the Air Force, regional commands, the Home Guard and military units from other countries will be taking part in the exercise. The exercise will also help to reinforce the Swedish total defence system as the Swedish Armed Forces will be working together with other authorities to implement one of the four activities of the national total defence exercise during Aurora 20.

Aurora 20 will involve most Swedish Armed Forces personnel and units in roles that involve practice, support or action linked with the exercise. The Home Guard will be present and participate extensively all over Sweden.