The 67th World Military Pentathlon Championship cancelled.

The decision to cancel the 67th WMPC 2021 in Halmstad, Sweden, has been made.

Originally the championship was supposed to take place last year 2020, but was postponed to 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. One year later and the pandemic still has a hold on the world and this time the event cannot be postponed again.

– We did our best to realize the event, but there is no possible way to host it at this time without putting peoples’ safety at risk, says colonel Mikael Beck, commanding officer at the AD regiment and Halmstad garrison.

Since last year, there is a new obstacle course and new hand grenade lanes ready. Hopefully they will come to use for another championship in the future.

World Military Pentathlon Championship 2021
Facts World Military Pentathlon Championship 2021
  • City: Halmstad
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