Plane Spotters

A special area near the display path will be reserved for spotters.

Feel free to take pictures from the exhibition area during the air show since the photo restrictions at Malmen has been lifted during the weekend.

There is also a photographers area on a mound, called Pilgården, south east of the main runway. It is close to the display line, with the sun in the back, in a restricted area just outside the fence.

There will be a bus from the exhibition area, hangar 14, in the morning Saturday and Sunday going back at lunchtime and when the air display is done for the day.

It is also possible to reach the photo area by car. Just follow Jägarvallsvägen in a straight line to the runway fence and then turn left to a parking area some 200 meters south. Since it’s within the restricted area there will be a checkpoint at the beginning of Jägarvallsvägen and only registered media and spotters will be allowed to pass. Jägarvallsvägen is also an evacuation road so it’s not allowed to stop on the roadside, only the parking area at Pilgården can be used.

All helicopters have a special display area in front of hangar 14 close to the exhibition area and they can’t be seen from the Pilgården photo area.

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