Important information

Opening hours


Entrance fee

There is no fee for the air shows.

Traffic control

The page "Directions to Malmen" describes how traffic will be controlled during the air shows. This information is important, particularly because there are always long queues during air shows since so many visitors are arriving and leaving at the same time. A limited number of pay-parking facilities will be arranged next to Malmen, and public transport will be organised.


Photography is permitted towards and in the area during the air shows.


Naturally the sound level during the air displays will be very high. Remember to bring ear protection. And mainly ensure that children's ears are protected. No air show is worth you losing your hearing!


It is not permitted to bring pets into the area. They are better off at home due to the high noise levels. Blind dogs are allowed.

No fly-in

Due to a shortage of space, we will not be able to offer fly-in.

Methods of payment

You can buy refreshments in the exhibition area. Visa and Mastercard are accepted methods of payment. You can also pay in cash. It is advisable to bring cash just in case the electronic payment system stops working.