Air Show 2019

The air show 2019 is hosted by Blekinge air force base (F 17) on August 25.

Photo: Hampus Hagstedt/Försvarsmakten Photo: Hampus Hagstedt/Försvarsmakten

Swedish Armed Forces hosts the air show every year in Sweden. This event is free for all visitors. The purpose with this day is to exhibit the Swedish air forces’ function, their operational capacity and to inform about the many possibilities of a career in the Swedish armed forces.

This year Blekinge air force base in Ronneby will be the host for this event. Among the ground exhibit there will also be air shows with an array of different helicopters and planes of both Swedish and foreign types.

Welcome to visit us on August 25.

Opening hours

Parking is free from 08:00 to 17:00, but only available for cars and motorcycles. RV’s and caravans are not allowed.

The entry is free. Because the event is held inside of a protected military base, visitors may be asked to open bags. If this is not accepted, visitors will be denied access. Keep in mind that animals are not allowed in the area.

Visitors only have permission to take photos inside the public area where the exhibits are being held.

Press and media

In proximity to the public area and the exhibit, there will be a tent for the press.

Media is free to move around in the public area. Press and media also have access to a photo spot near the exhibit and airshow area that will be reserved for spotters.

No accreditation is needed.


Spotters and media can take photos from an assigned spot in proximity to the exhibition area. It is allowed to take photos inside of the public area during the entire day.

No accreditation is needed.

If you have any questions, please contact