Mali (EUTM Mali)

At the request of Mali, the EU is currently conducting training operations for the country's armed forces, known as the European Union Training Mission Mali, (EUTM Mali). The mission, which began in 2013, is part of a long-term EU strategy for the region, with the objective of restoring law and order and neutralising terrorist threats. Approximately 170 instructors from Finland, France, Lithuania, Sweden the United Kingdom are participating.

The Swedish Armed Forces is contributing a maximum of 15 personnel to EUTM. Tasks include providing advice and support to Mali's command and control functions, and to train Malian military forces. No personnel from EUTM Mali will be deployed on operational missions. Four Malian battalions will be trained in weapons handling, logistics support, healthcare, close combat and human rights.

Swedish involvement falls under the auspices of the Nordic Baltic Training Team, which includes personnel from Estonia, Finland and Lithuania, and is based in Koulikoro, approximately 60 kilometres northeast of the capital Bamako.