South Sudan (UNMISS)

The United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan, (UNMISS), was launched in July 2011 and covers all regions of the Republic of South Sudan. Its headquarters are located in the capital city of Juba. Three battalions are grouped across the area with battalion headquarters in Wau, Malakal and Juba.

The mission is based on resolution 1996, decided in the UN Security Council in July 2011. It is a Chapter VII operation. The operation is fully integrated, which means that liaison officers form an integrated team with UN civilian police officers, representatives of other UN bodies, such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the World Food Programme and the United Nations Secretariat for Human Rights.

The intention is that these teams will live and work on the premises that were used as electoral stations during the country’s independence referendum. Assignments include:

  • supporting the government of South Sudan
  • establishing an early warning system
  • supporting and examine human rights compliance
  • protecting the civilian population
  • training civilian police officers and interact with South Sudan's military forces

Currently, Sweden contributes three liaison officers and two staff officers, one of which is attached to air operations.

The mission is currently in the build-up phase, and manoeuver units are being added steadily. Also supplied are three engineering companies, which will play an important role in the expansion of County Support Bases, (CSB), from which the integrated joint action teams will operate.

In total, 35 CSBs have been planned, which will complement the ten existing State Capital Bases. Every CSB will accommodate around 30 people, out of which three to four will be liaison officers. Building these relatively small bases in the country’s constituent states requires substantial work due to poor or, in some areas, virtually non-existent infrastructure.