Mali (EUTM Mali)

At the request of the Malian government, and on the basis of UN resolutions, the EU agreed to establish a mission to train the Malian Armed Forces. The First Mandate for the EUTM (EU Training Mission) in Mali was established in February 2013.

Photo: Swedish Armed Forces

Approximately 75 instructors from Austria, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, and the United Kingdom participate in this mission.

The Swedish Armed Forces contributes a maximum of 15 personnel to the EUTM. Tasks include providing advice and support to Malian command and control functions, and to train Malian military forces. No personnel from EUTM Mali will be deployed on operational missions.

The mission has successfully trained eight new battlegroups and five battlegroups have been retrained. In total, more than 11,500 soldiers have been trained by EUTM Mali, which approximately represents one-third of the Malian Army.

Swedish officers and non-commissioned officers provide infantry training and combat support service in Koulikoro, 60 kilometers northeast of the capital Bamako.