Rules for Military Aviation

Rules for Military Aviation (RML) applies to organizations and persons, who supervise, carry out ground and air operations including command and control, aerodromes and aviation MET services, design and produce aeronautical products, maintain such products and carry out training and education within the Swedish Military Aviation System.

The Rules for Military Aviation are under constant development. Therefore it is the responsibility of operators and providers and other entities within the military aviation system to constantly review the current issue of RML, in order to be up to date with changes made.

A copy of RML only is valid at the moment it is made and therefore has to be checked against the valid issue before it is used. The Swedish National Military Airworthiness Authority (FLYGI) is responsible for the validity of the RML copy currently published on the Swedish Armed Forces' website (

RML consists of:

RML – G (Basics)

Basic regulations and general advice primarily addressing persons who manage and are responsible for the activities of units, staffs, civil services departments, maintenance facilities and industrial corporations within the Military Aviation System.

Subparts to RML – B:

RML B.X Special Terms for Airborne Weapons Operations

RML – P-6 (Aircraft Maintenance Licensing)

Consists of requirements for Licensing of Aircraft Maintenance Personnel.

FLYGI Form 19 Application for AML

RML – V (Operators and Providers)

Consists of requirements for carrying out operations and for providers within the Military Aviation System. RML – V is further divided into the following subparts:

V-1 Management

V-2 Flight Operations

V-3 Aerodrome operations

V-4 Command and Control Operations

V-5 Development, Certification and Production

V-6 Aviation Maintenance

FLYGI Form 1 Authorised Maintenance-/Production Certftificate

V-7 Military Aviation Education

V-8 Aviation MET Services (not yet issued)

V-9 Parachute operations

RML – M (Materiel systems, Equipment and Supplies)

Consists of requirements for Materiel Systems, Equipment and Supplies used in the Military Aviation system (not yet issued).

RML – F (Property, Facilities and Premises)

Consists of requirements for Properties, Facilities and Premises used within the Military Aviation system.

RML – D (Operational Regulations for Military Aviation)

Consists of specific operational regulations for Military Aviation

Subparts to RML – D:

RML-D.B.5 Health requirements (in Swedish language only)

RML-D.B.6 Medical requirements (in Swedish language only)

RML-D.F Aerodrome and War Base operations

RML-D.M Training for Operations Against Ground and Aerial Targets

RML-D.M.10 Use of Laser equipment in Military Aviation

RML – T (Rules of the Air for Military Aviation)

Rules of the Air for Military Aviation

RML – B (Terms and definitions in RML-D, RML-T and RML-V-2)

Contains Terms and Definitions used in RML-D, RML-T and RML-V-2.

Swedish Armed Forces' UAV Policy

Addresses the issues of authorization of UAV system operators, of operations with UAV systems, classifications of UAV systems and of public supervision.

Structure of RML

RML is structured according to the scheme.