Dear Participant in the NATO Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course.

I can assure you that a well prepared and devoted team of instructors with international experience is looking forward to welcome every one of you to the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre, SWEDINT.

The course is intended to prepare staff officers, with no previous LL training or experience, to manage a LL capability for a NATO command. It will also provide staff officers involved with national LL capabilities the tools with which to enhance their national LL programs. Although the course does provide an introduction to LL related analysis, it is not an Analyst course.

The course requires a lot of attention. Do not bring your regular duties with you! As you already have figured out, the official language will be English, both at lectures and during social events. You must be able to communicate in English both verbally and in writing. No interpretation will be available.

Please read through the pre-course papers carefully! The Course takes off from the information given in the attached documents. It is therefore essential that you are well prepared when you arrive at SWEDINT, Kungsängen.

Dress code for the course is combat or working dress; and, the dress for the Thursday night dinner is jacket and tie.  You are also requested to bring necessary items for physical training indoors and outdoors and civilian clothes for off-duty hours. There will be a cultural visit to Stockholm on Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Welcome to the NATO Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course.

Yours sincerely,

Petter Wahlgren
NATO Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course, Assistant Course Directors

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