Dear Student at GENAD Course 2/2016

Welcome to the Gender Advisor (GENAD) Course. We are looking forward to see you here at the Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations (NCGM) which is part of the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre (SWEDINT). Well prepared and devoted staff with a lot of experience is going to work towards preparing you for upcoming duties. We will create an interesting and inspiring learning environment for you to strengthen your competences and to expand your network of colleagues and friends.

The GENAD course requires each participant to solely focus on the tasks in hand. Therefore we strongly recommend that you do not bring your regular duties with you. You are expected not only to take an active part during the lessons, but also to socialize with other students. We have found from previous experience that this is an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences. Sharing questions and answers also promotes a greater understanding of what may be accomplished during class time and syndicate work.

The GENAD Course is challenging. But also very, very rewarding. It will require hard work and long working hours. Please reserve enough time for yourself to do the pre-study assignment. It is estimated to take 40 hours of concentrated work. Pre-study is important part of the course content. During the residential course we will be working from the morning until the evening. After dinner we will continue learning by reading reference material, doing homework and creating network.

During the course we are going to use a scenario based on a crisis in a fictitious nation. If you want to take a peek you can familiarize yourself with this scenario (Atlantica Handbook) before joining the course.

Remember to bring your sportswear so you can enjoy some gym and outdoor exercise to balance with all the sitting in the auditorium. During the opening and closing ceremony military personnel will wear ‘best uniform’ (Service dress) and civilian participants will wear ‘jacket and tie’ (Business). During lectures we will wear field uniform (Battle dress) or ‘smart casual’. On Saturday we will have a welfare trip to Stockholm (Casual). You can find more details in the course schedule. Please note that the weather in Sweden in October is expected to be windy, rainy and below 10°Celsius.

The course will be interactive and every student is expected to take an active part in all modules and share own experiences. The students will be assessed through formative assessments during plenary and syndicate work. The pre-study assignment is also a part of the assessment. The course has an exam (final summative assessment) where student are expected to demonstrate the ability to advice on how to integrate a gender perspective. A course certificate with the grades “Successfully Completed” or “Participated” will be presented by the end of the course.

Once again I want to wish you welcome and hope that you will have a good learning experience and make many new friends in the international environment. Bring in your own experience, cooperate and discuss, and you will gain a lot in return.

Yours sincerely,

Captain Inka Venho-Kortelainen
Course Director GENAD