UNTAC purpose is to prepare non-commissioned officers, warrant officers and officers at platoon level for primary infantry tasks in a UN led or mandated Peacekeeping Operation (PKO). The course will develop basic knowledge on the UN system, the execution of military primary tasks and improve hands-on skills with emphasis on UN Peacekeeping tactics and techniques.


Target audience

The primary target audience is identified as land warfare non-commissioned officers, warrant officers and officers; Sgt – Maj (OR 6-9, OF 1-3).

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the three inter-related basic principles of UN Peacekeeping Operations.
  • Explain the distinctions between Chapter VI & VII in a UN SC Mandate for Peace Operations.
  • Explain a UN infantry battalion´s eight primary tasks.



The UNTAC begins with general orientations and lectures in order to prepare for upcoming subject connected seminars and practical training. The course ends with a two day Final Exercise where the students, divided into infantry platoons, take part in a generic PKO. This course gives the opportunity to work and train along other military branches and nationalities. Throughout the course there are veteran role players, both opposing and co-operating with the students. All lectures and exercises are conducted in English.


  • This course is mainly based on United Nations Infantry Battalion Manual 2012 Volume I and Volume II.




Student Assessment

Students performance will be assessed, by tutoring/accompanying instructors, through reflections on student’s participation in classes, interaction on seminars as well as performance in exercises. This will result in a course certificate graded either "Successfully completed" or "Participated".

 UNTAC:   13 - 24 March 2017

EAPC ref no: SWE.2716
ETOC ref.no: MCP-LA-31549