The purpose of UNPriPOC is to prepare correction personnel for service within a UN led or mandated Peacekeeping Operation (PKO). The course will teach basic knowledge on the UN system as well as the complexities involved in strengthening national correctional institutions in post-conflict environments. Additionally, the personnel will receive a basic security awareness, practical experience in radio communication and other hands-on skills for use in the field.

UNPriPOC is directed by the Swedish Prison and Probation Service
in co-ordination with SWEDINT.

Target audience

The primary target audience is correction personnel planned, or pre-cleared for secondment to a PKO. All participants need therefore to be in active employed by a prison service or other relevant governmental agency. In addition, they need to be formally nominated by the agencies, with the purpose of future service in a PKO in mind.

Learning Objectives


After completed course the students will be able to:

  • Explain the basic principles of UN Peacekeeping Operations.
  • Explain the role of corrections in a PKO and the concept of supporting peace and security through the Rule of Law and good governance.
  • Apply International Human Rights Standards, Humanitarian Law and relevant International Conventions in conjunction with own technical  expertise.
  • Communicate verbally using radio in a field environment according to basic voice procedure and the NATO phonetic alphabet.



UNPriPOC begins with general orientations and lectures based on the principles of active learning for motivated adults. Theoretical knowledge is mixed with practical examples from instructors who are veterans of Corrections in PKOs. Practical exercises and a Virtual Reality eXercise (VRX) prepare the students for a one day long final exercise, A Day in A Mission Area (ADIMA). Here, the students are part of a generic PKO divided into numerous scenarios where veteran role players and instructors will give direct feedback to all individuals. All lectures and exercises are conducted in English.


  • United Nations Peacekeeping Predeployment Training Standards for Corrections Officers, available at:
  • United Nations Peacekeeping Operations: Principles and Guidelines ("Capstone doctrine").

Student Assessment

Students performance will be evaluated, by tutoring/accompanying instructors, through reflections on individuals’ participation in classes, interaction on seminars as well as performance in exercises. Direct feedback will be given to all participants by the Chief Instructor of the course on completion.