The overall purpose of the UNCIVSOC is to prepare civilian staff officers for a posting to a UN led peace support operation. The course will provide insights into how a modern United Nations mission is built and how it coordinates its actions with the humanitarian and development parts of the UN presence in a conflict area. Focus will be on understanding what the multidimensional and integrated concepts mean so that the student will be able to effectively contribute to the United Nations operational programs.
The course is based on United Nations Department of Peacekeeping and Department of Field Support (DPKO/DFS) policy documents, training modules and directives.

Target audience

Civilian staff officers in active service within their national administration or in active service in on going United Nations-, African Union-, European Union or NATO field missions.

Persons that represents an International governmental or non-governmental organisation.

Military- and police officers rank level OF3-OF 5 or equivalent.

Learning Objectives

After the course the student will be able to:

  • Given the relevant course documents, analyse a conflict scenario using the UN civil affairs analysis method.
  • Given the relevant course documents, explain how a modern multidimensional integrated UN field mission is organized.
  • Given the relevant course documents, explain the Civilian, Military and police components roles & functions in a multidimensional integrated UN field mission.
  • Given the relevant course documents, explain the UN country teams function and how they integrate into a multidimensional integrated UN field mission.
  • Given the relevant course documents, explain how a UN field Mission implements a mandate given by the Security Council.


UNCIVSOC is a two week course partly conducted together with the UNSOC and police representatives and consists of General Orientations, a virtual Reality Exercise, syndicate discussions and finalizes with an Integrated Staff Exercise including police, civilians and military. The exercise simulates a UN field mission led by civilian staff officers i.e. the participants of the UNCIVSOC.


  • Integrated Assessment and Planning Handbook, IAP working group, 2013.
  • UN DPKO/DFS Civil Affairs Handbook, 2012.
  • Civil-Military Relations in Complex Emergencies, IASC, 2004.

Student assessment

The participants will be assessed during plenary and syndicate work. Students are expected to take an active part and contribute to discussions and syndicate work by expressing viewpoints and forming lines of arguments and explaining it to fellow students and instructors. Performance during the Integrated Staff Exercise will be included into the assessment. Individual performance will be graded: "Successfully completed" or "Participated". A course certificate will be presented at the end of the course.

UNCIVSOC:   3- 14 October 2016
UNCIVSOC: 28 November - 9 December 2016. CANCELLED

UNCIVSOC:  1 - 12 May 2017
UNCIVSOC: 20 November - 1 December 2017

EAPC ref no: SWE.2766
ETOC  MCP-CM-31460


1 - 12 May
20 November - 1 December