The purpose of the course is to familiarize and prepare nationally trained Staff Officers from NATO and Partnership countries with NATO planning procedures for Peace Support Operations (PSO). The course will enable participants to work as a planner within, or towards a NATO led multinational headquarter on tactical level and applying the Operations Planning Process (OPP) based on the Comprehensive Operations Planning Directive (COPD) and the principles of a Comprehensive Approach.
The course also provides excellent opportunities for students requiring information on how NATO conducts PSO.

Target audience

The primary target audience is identified as military staff officers (OF 2-5) who will be or are appointed to positions in HQs on the tactical level. Warrant Officers, Civilian officer equivalents and representatives from IOs/NGOs are also eligible for nomination.

 Learning Objectives

  • Given a failed state scenario and the references, apply the Operations Planning Process (OPP) based on the Comprehensive Operations Planning Directive (COPD).
  • Given a background explanation to culture, cultural differences, actors and analysis of a variety of conflicts explain the nature of modern conflicts.
  • Given the references, apply NATO Doctrines into the OPP in the staff work exercises.
  • Given a generic brigade structure, explain the brigade organization, capabilities and basic tactics.



MTPC consists of two main building blocks: General Orientations followed by practising of the OPP in three map exercises (MAPEX 1-3). The General Orientation part will give the students the basic knowledge on three main topics; (1) The nature of modern conflicts, (2) The NATO Command Structure, the NATO Force Structure and relevant NATO Doctrines, (3) Brigade organization, capabilities and tactics. These three topics will build the fundament for the execution of the second block, Practice the OPP, which is the main focus during the course.


  • Comprehensive Operations Planning Directive (COPD).
  • NATO STANAGs, AJP, ATP, APP, ACO/ACT directives.

Student assessment

Student learning will be assessed in order to measure progress during the course and to ensure that the students reaches the specified learning objectives. The assessment will focus on the students ability to understand theory and apply acquired knowledge during the course. The assessment consists of two different tests. The students have to pass one of the tests to achieve the grade "Successfully completed". Failure in both tests will render the grade "Participated".

MTPC: 30 January - 17 February 2017
MTPC: 9 - 27 October 2017

ETOC ref no:  JPL-OP-31462