The main purpose of the exercise will be to conduct CBRN reconnaissance, survey and decontamination tasks with support of EOD/IEDD.

Colonel Jan Demarkesse, Exercise Director. Photo: Wilhelm Guldbrand/Swedish Armed Forces

The exercise will focus on practical skills and methods. The training audience will be military CBRN and EOD/IEDD units from Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Norway and Sweden as well as Civilian CBRN units from Denmark and Sweden. In total there will be approximately 200 participants in the exercise.

During the Training phase and the LIVEX phase units are to carry personal firearms and weapons according to national routines, however, no blank or live ammunition will be used during the exercise.

The training objectives for Reccex 2016 are to:

  • train CBRN units with live agents and simulants.
  • share and exchange methods and experiences between exercise participants.
  • be able to act and carry out tasks in joint CBRN units.
  • train EOD/IEDD as a supporting function in a CBRNE environment.
  • rehearse CBRN medical procedures.
  • increase cooperation and exercises within the CBRNE area.

Reccex 2016 is arranged by the Swedish Armed Forces National CBRN Defence Centre.

Reccex 2016

Reccex 2016, Reconnaissance exercise, is an exercise to protection against weapons of mass destruction.

Time: 20 -28 September 2016

Location: Umeå, Sweden

Organized by: Swedish Armed Forces National CBRN Defence Centre

Participants: About 200 from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the UK.

Questions about the exercise, please refer to:
Wilhelm Guldbrand, phone: +46 70-686 55 59