Bison Counter 2016

The Swedish Armed Forces and the Göta Engineer Regiment will carry out the international Counter-IED exercise, International Bison Counter 2016, between 15 and 26 August 2016. This will be an international exercise, inviting all countries participating in the European Defence Agency Project Team Countering Improvised Explosive Devices (PT C-IED) and countries with which Sweden has bilateral cooperation within Counter-IED.

Photo: Jimmy Croona/Swedish Armed Forces

The first Bison Counter was carried out in 2013 in the Netherlands. Five nations took part, including Sweden. The name Bison Counter comes from the Dutch 43rd motorised brigade, whose symbol is a bison.

The exercise in 2016 will be hosted by the Göta Engineers Regiment with the support of Swedec (Swedish EOD and Demining Centre), the Land Warfare Centre, the Command and Control Regiment, Skaraborg Regiment, the Fourth Naval Warfare Flotilla, the Life Guards, the South Skåne regiment and the Life Regiment Hussars. So far 20 countries have expressed an interest in participating with units or observers from all branches of their defence forces. International units will include EOD groups, search groups, WIT groups (Weapons intelligence Teams) and dog units.

A total of approximately 1,000 soldiers and seamen will participate in the exercise.

Exercise area and scenario

The exercise will be carried out in two stages: a coordinated stage and a unit stage. The hub of the exercise will be Skillingaryd training and exercise field with other parts held in Jönköping, Karlskrona and Eksjö. The scenario will contain conventional and asymmetrical threats.

Facts about Counter IED

Counter IED, or C-IED, is a concept which includes various measures at all levels to combat threats from IEDs (improvised explosive devices, unconventional bombs). Examples of actions are developed threat analysis, tactical and method development, training, research and acquisition of equipment.