In September 2017, the Swedish Armed Forces will carry out Aurora 17, an exercise that will build up a stronger defence. The Swedish army, navy and air force will together with a number of Swedish authorities and military unit from other countries, increase the overall capability of resisting an armed attack against Sweden.

The overarching mission of the Swedish Armed Forces is to defend the country´s interests, our freedom and the right to live the way of our choice.
Deterrence lies at the core of a strong defence, one that rises to all threats and overcomes all challenges. It is designed to deter potential attackers, and force them to carefully consider the risks of attacking our country. For a deterrent to be effective, it needs to be credible and visible. Through frequent and extensive training and exercise, especially with other defence forces, Sweden is strengthening its deterrence effect and makes it more credible.

Aurora 17 is building a stronger defence and will take place in the air, on the ground and at sea. Units from the whole of Sweden will be involved, but the main exercise areas will be Mälardalen and Stockholm, on and around Gotland, and in Gothenburg.

A number of Swedish authorities will be taking part in Aurora 17 in order to increase Sweden's total defence capability. Military units from other countries will also take part, which will build up shared security as well as increasing Swedish operational capability.

Facts about Aurora 17
  • Mission: build a stronger defence and increase the overall ability to resist an attack against Sweden.
  • Number of participants: more than 19,000 from the Swedish Armed Forces, in addition to personnel from a number of authorities and other countries.
  • Training period: September 2017
  • Training area: over the whole of Sweden, but chiefly in Mälardalen and Stockholm, on and around Gotland, and in Gothenburg.