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Malmen has a military history that goes back as far as the 1600s, at least. Aviation started in 1911 and two years later the first military flying school was established here. Malmen is now home to the Linköping garrison and houses the Helicopter Wing, the Aviation School and some parts of the Transport and Special Flight unit, the Air Combat School's tactical development and the Aviation and Defence Medical Centre.

In the Program tab in the navigation bar, we have information on which exhibition groups, aeroplanes and helicopters will take part in the demonstrations.

Check information under the tabs "Important information" and "Find your way to Malmen". You will find information which is useful before you come here and during your visit, as well as important information about which roads are open or closed off.

The gates are open between 09:00-16:00.

The air show programme will be on between 09:30-15:30. Last minute changes will be updated on Facebook Helikopterflottiljen.