Our core values

Our core values are the starting point for everything we do within the Swedish Armed Forces. They influence the way we work and how we treat each other and how we behave on the international stage.

Our core values form the basis for how the Swedish Armed Forces develops and commands its operations on both a professional and personal level. That our core values and organisation march in step is imperative for the effectiveness of the Swedish Armed Forces.

Everyone who works for and in the Swedish Armed Forces must understand and share our core values. Everyone within the Swedish Armed Force is to be given the opportunity to be happy, enjoy personal development and do a good job. Every individual, irrespective of gender, age, ethnic origins, religious convictions, sexual orientation, skin colour, service grade or similar is to be respected and treated equally.

Cultural diversity is a strength for us. We do not accept certain values, such as views that entail discrimination and deliberate harassment of employees or citizens.

The Swedish Armed Forces needs both women and men. As armed forces have traditionally been virtually exclusively male, we have a significant gender imbalance. In order to increase equality the Swedish Armed Forces has been actively pursuing equality work for several years.

The most important measure is the Swedish Armed Forces equality plan. The issue given the highest priority in this plan is to increase the proportion of female officers, national service personnel and managers.

The Swedish Armed Forces’ core values are based on three key concepts that we have complemented and expanded by way of explanation.

The key concepts in the Swedish Armed Forces’ core values:

  • Openness – cooperation, honesty, trust
  • Results – create, deliver, be clear
  • Responsibility – give, take, demand