Budget allocation

The Armed Forces spent around SEK 40 billion in 2012, and their share of total Swedish government spending is gradually shrinking. A breakdown of actual expenditure over the past year and a forecast for next year is shown in the fact box.

The Armed Forces annual budget is planned at a level of around SEK 40–41 billion a year. The allocation for training and standby is increasing from approximately SEK 21 billion in 2011 to SEK 23 billion in 2016. This increase is partly due to the Armed Forces changing over from the national service system to having employed squad leaders, soldiers and sailors.

Please note that all figures are stated in current prices. However, the figures for 2014 are according to 2013 prices as given in the 2014 Swedish Armed Forces Budget Document.

Budget allocation 2013 and 2014

Training and standby
Forecast 2013: SEK 22.7 billion
Planned 2014: SEK 23.1 billion

International missions
Forecast 2013: SEK 1.6 billion
Planned 2014: SEK 1.8 billion

Material and research
Forecast 2013: SEK 15.8 billion
Planned 2014: SEK 16.4 billion